Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Library of Congress to Cancel LCGFT, Sport-Specific Terms for Moving Images

Library of Congress to Cancel
Sport-Specific Terms for Moving Images
April 24, 2012
The Policy and Standards Division (PSD) of the Library of Congress will cancel sport-specific moving image genre/form terms from
The decision to cancel the sport-specific terms follows the same logic that led to the cancellation of the character- and franchise-based terms earlier this year. When the moving image genre/form project began in 2007, a genre/form term to match each
Terms that refer to films about individual sports (e.g.,
The decision to cancel the character- and franchise-based terms, along with the recent proliferation of proposals that refer to films about individual sports (e.g.,
By definition, genres comprise works that are characterized by a combination of similar plots, themes, settings, situations, and characters that distinguish the works and set them off from others (see question 2 of the genre/form FAQ, http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/genre_form_faq.pdf). Not all of the recent proposals, some of which were approved, seem to fit this definition. For example, a proposal for "Motorcycle racing films" cited an action film,
For the sake of consistency, all of the existing
Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials (LCGFT) on June 18, 2012. The rationale and plan for this action follow. LCSH form heading was created, as was one to match almost every LCSH heading that is "genre-like" (i.e., displaying the same syntax as a form heading). Character- and franchise-based terms (e.g., Dracula films; Die Hard films) entered LCGFT as part of the latter group. In mid-2011, PSD proposed canceling the character- and franchise-based terms because of confusion regarding their application and also because LC subject headings for the main characters in films and television programs are often provided as a matter of course. A genre/form term that simply restated the subject heading was therefore redundant. Response to PSD’s proposal to cancel the terms was generally positive, and the terms were removed from LCGFT in February 2012. (The discussion paper and announcement of the decision are available under the header Moving Image Materials and Radio Programs on LC’s genre/form web page, http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/genreformgeneral.html.) Baseball films) were included in LCGFT for the same reasons that the character- and franchise-based terms were: they were in LCSH and were "genre-like." The analogous terms for television programs about individual sports (e.g., Baseball television programs) were then added. Curling films; Roller skating films), have led PSD and the Moving Image, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division (MBRS) to investigate whether phrases in the form [sport] films and [sport] television programs are indeed valid for inclusion in LCGFT. Biker Boyz, and also a comedy, Fast Charlie… Moonbeam Rider, in the justification. The approved heading Roller skating films cited as justification The Rink, a comedy; Whip It!, a drama; and Rollerball, a science-fiction thriller. The only element that ties these films together is that they each feature the same sport. PSD and MBRS have determined that sharing a single plot element is not sufficient to deem the films to collectively constitute a genre. LCGFT terms in the form [sport] films or [sport] television programs will be cancelled. LCSH policy, which permits headings to be established based on the terminology used in works about the films, is unchanged. Therefore, if a work is written about curling films, for example, a proposal may be made to add curling films to LCSH. LC to Cancel LCGFT Sport-Specific Terms for Moving Images 2
Like the decision to cancel the character- and franchise-based genre/form terms, this decision to cancel the sport-specific terms is based on the fact that subject matter should be brought out with subject headings, while genre/form terms should be reserved for films that exhibit similarities in style, plot elements, settings, and characters, and/or format and purpose. Therefore, the sport featured in the film or television program may be brought out with a subject heading, subdivided by
–Drama. If desired, the genre/form term Sports films or Sports television programs may also be assigned.
650 #0 $a Curling $v Drama.
655 #7 $a Sports films. $2 lcgft
655 #7 $a Romantic comedy films. $2 lcgft
655 #7 $a Feature films. $2 lcgft
655 #7 $a Fiction films. $2 lcgft
[not 655 #7 $a Curling films. $2 lcgft]
: Men with brooms.
Proposals to cancel the sport-specific genre/form terms will appear on the Tentative Monthly List dated June 18, 2012, and the authority records will be cancelled in July. A
[Former heading] reference (MARC tag 455 $w nne) for each will be made to either Sports films or Sports television programs, as appropriate. The terms to be cancelled are:
LCCN Genre/form term
gf2011026077 Baseball films
gf2011026078 Baseball television programs
gf2011026079 Basketball films
gf2011026080 Basketball television programs
gf2011026100 Boxing films
gf2011026792 Cricket films
gf2011026761 Curling films
gf2012025031 Football films
gf2011026287 Football television programs
gf2011026793 Golf films
gf2011026303 Golf television programs
gf2011026316 Hockey films
gf2011026317 Hockey television programs
gf2011026769 Horse racing films
gf2011026580 Ice skating films
gf2011026388 Martial arts films
gf2011026389 Martial arts television programs
gf2011026810 Roller skating films
gf2012025030 Soccer films
gf2012025028 Soccer television programs
gf2011026624 Surfing films
gf2011026809 Tennis films
gf2011026685 Tennis television programs
gf2011026790 Wrestling films


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